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Canine Coronavirus

Quantitative analysis of the charge virale en coronavirus canin responsible for digestive disorders in puppies or adult dogs.
For more information regarding the SARS-CoV2 (Covid-19).

Test indications

  • Diagnosis of coronavirosis in its digestive form.
  • Evaluation you epidemiological risk (highlighting viral circulation in communities) and environmental contamination.

Test characteristics

Samples to be taken

  • Rectal swab (including post-mortem, dry swab without transport medium).
  • Environmental swab.

Interpretation of the result

  • Negative result: Absence of virus and/or bacteria or quantity below the detection threshold.
  • Positive result
    • Low or very low viral load: Viral carriage without clinical significance.
    • Medium, high or very high viral and/or bacterial load: These charges are compatible with coronavirosis or with a co-infection (infection with parvovirus or parasites such as Giardia or Coccidia should be sought). However, the coronavirus alone can cause hemorrhagic diarrhea and sudden deaths in puppies (especially between 2 and 3 months).

As the coronavirus is very frequently present in communities, it is important to take epidemiological and clinical elements into account when interpreting viral load results.

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