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Research of Neospora caninum by real-time PCR.

Test indications

  • Diagnostic de la neosporose in young dogs (very often before 10 months) presenting nervous clinical signs with paresis of the hind limbs progressing towards progressive paralysis, ataxia, myalgia, signs of meninogencephalomyelitis. Neosporosis also causes reproductive disorders in females with embryonic or fetal resorption, abortion (from 45 days), stillbirth.

Test characteristics

Samples to be taken

  • Nervous signs : CSF or brain (post-mortem), muscle biopsy.
  • Reproductive disorders : lung, liver, kidney, spleen of aborts, placenta.

Interpretation of the result

  • Negative result: Absence of the protozoan or quantity below the detection threshold of the technique.
  • Positive result : The detection of Neospora caninum in the CSF, muscles or brain confirms the disease during the development of nervous disorders. In the context of reproductive disorders, the detection of Neospora caninum in the placenta and/or organs of aborted babies supports its pathogenic role. The quantities of parasites in the CSF are often low, however in the tissues, particularly the muscles, it is common to find significant parasite loads.
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