Kennel Cough Complex

Canine Coronavirus

Cryptosporidium sp.

Giardia sp.

Blood hemoplasms

Rubarth Hepatitis Virus

Canine herpesvirus



Distemper Virus

Neospora caninum

Parvovirus canin

Salmonella sp.


Toxoplasma gondii

Typing of carnivore parvoviruses

Toxoplasma gondii

Research of Toxoplasma gondii by real-time PCR.

Test indications

  • Diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in dogs or cats with clinical signs.
  • Evaluation of excretion of the protozoa in a healthy animal.

Test characteristics

Samples to be taken

  • Nervous signs: CSF or brain (post-mortem).
  • Eye signs (uveitis): watery humor (Tube EDTA ou sec).
  • Respiratory signs: bronchoalveolar washing fluid or chest effusion or lung (post-mortem).

Interpretation of the result

  • Negative result: Absence of the protozoan or quantity below the detection threshold of the technique.
  • Positive result : The detection of Toxoplasma on a liquid (CSF, aqueous humor, effusion) confirms the disease.
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