How long does it take for test results to be returned to the prescribing veterinarian?

For requests for infectious pathology analyses, Scanelis follows these deadlines:

- Standard process: D+2 upon receipt of samples,
- URGENT process (supplement of €14 incl. VAT per file): D+1 upon receipt of the samples

What is detected by PCR?

Polymerase Chain Reaction, PCR is a DNA amplification technique used in diagnostics.
The DNA of a cell, a virus, a bacterium or a parasite can be detected by PCR.
A technique derived from PCR, RT-PCR allows the detection of RNA, which carries the genetic information of certain viruses.

What does the term “Detection threshold” written on my analysis report mean?

The detection threshold of a test is the smallest amount of target that can be detected (but not necessarily quantifiable).
In practice, the detection limit is expressed in Scanelis as a target sequence copy number (on the genome of the pathogen of interest) by analysis.
It is determined by statistical analyses, in accordance with the recommendations of the European Pharmacopoeia.