Beak and Feather Disease Virus (BFDV/PBFD)

Ferret distemper

Psittacid polyomavirus


HDV virus and Variant (RHDV1+RHDV2)

Chlamydia psittaci

Detection of Chlamydophila psittaci by real-time PCR.

Test indications

  • Diagnosis of Chlamydia (Ornithosis) in a bird.
  • Animal detection healthy excretors.
  • Evaluation you epidemiological risk (evidence of bacterial circulation in livestock).
  • Evaluation of the environmental contamination (cage, aviary, etc.).
  • Evaluation you zoonotic risk (Psittacosis): load of Chlamydophila excreted by the infected animal.

Test characteristics

Samples to be taken

  • Sick animal: conjunctival, choanal or cloacal cells (dry swabs and/or cytobrushes).
  • Animal health: cloacal cells (dry swab).

Interpretation of the result

The result of the PCR analysis must always be interpreted in the clinical or epidemiological context.

  • Positive result: Compatible with Chlamydia or asymptomatic carriage. Potential zoonotic risk.
  • Negative result : Absence of Chlamydophila or quantity of this bacteria below the detection threshold of the test. Allows the exclusion of Chlamydia in an animal showing clinical signs if adequate samples have been taken.
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