Beak and Feather Disease Virus (BFDV/PBFD)

Chlamydia psittaci

Ferret distemper


HDV virus and Variant (RHDV1+RHDV2)

Psittacid polyomavirus

Detection of Avian polyomavirus (Avian Polyomavirus, APV ou encore Budgerigar Fledgling Disease Virus) by real-time PCR.

Test indications

  • Diagnosis of the " French moult» in parakeets.
  • Diagnosis of polyomavirus infection in case of sudden mortality of young Psittaciformes.
  • Diagnostic of an inapparent polyomavirus infection in a bird (healthy carrier animal).
  • Evaluation you epidemiological risk (highlighting viral circulation in livestock).
  • Evaluation of the environmental contamination (cage, aviary, etc.).

Test characteristics

Samples to be taken

  • Bird sick:
    • vivant alone or in a group: EDTA whole blood (+ follicle of an abnormal young feather with pulp if plumage disorders)
  • Bird asymptomatic:
    • living in community:
      • whole blood EDTA for determination of individual status
      • surface swab per batch of animals (cage walls, dust, feathers, etc.): contamination of the environment of one (or more) bird(s)
    • living alone: sang total EDTA

Interpretation of the result

  • Positive : Compatible avec une "mue française" ou du portage asymptomatique. Contamination de l’environnement (écouvillons de surface)
  • Positive at the limit of detection or low/very low viral load : Compatible with healthy carriage, an early infection or with environmental contamination of the biological sample
  • Negative : Absence of Polyomavirus or quantity of virus below the detection threshold of the test.
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