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Feline bornavirus



Feline coronavirus and FIP

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Blood hemoplasms

Feline herpesvirus


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Toxoplasma gondii

Tritrichomonas foetus

Typing of carnivore parvoviruses

Toxoplasma gondii

Research of Toxoplasma gondii by real-time PCR.

Test indications

  • Diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in dogs or cats with clinical signs.
  • Evaluation of excretion of the protozoa in a healthy animal.

Test characteristics

Samples to be taken

  • Nervous signs: CSF or brain (post-mortem).
  • Eye signs (uveitis): watery humor (Tube EDTA ou sec).
  • Respiratory signs: bronchoalveolar washing fluid or chest effusion or lung (post-mortem).

Interpretation of the result

  • Negative result: Absence of the protozoan or quantity below the detection threshold of the technique.
  • Positive result : The detection of Toxoplasma on a liquid (CSF, aqueous humor, effusion) confirms the disease.
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