DualDiag Leishmaniasis

DualDiag Leishmaniasis in short:

  • quantification of Leishmania infantum at the heart of cytological and histological lesions
  • a joint interpretation of the results by two teams of experts in infectious diseases and pathological anatomy
  • a single shipment (to the LAPVSO) and a single analysis report
  • Download the DualDiag Leishmaniasis Testing Request Form

Sending your samples for a DualDiag analysis Leishmaniasis: follow the guide!

1 & 2 Samples for PCR: 1 to 3 samples of your choice analysed in a mixture: skin biopsy, nodal aspiration and/or spinal cord puncture (see practical procedures on sampling). The tubes are placed in the Scanelis box.

3 & 4 Specimens for Histology and Cytology:
- Histology: 2 or 3 skin biopsies in the 4% formalin jar (see practical instructions on sampling)
- Cytology: nodal aspiration or spinal cord aspiration (see practical procedures on sampling)
Place the jar and the blades in a snap-closure bag, then place them in the padded tab which, folded on itself, forms a rectangle that is fitted into the rigid and hollow transport box along its long side (lengthwise)

5 Attach the commemorative sheet DualDiag Leishmaniasis , correctly filled out

6 Place the set, Scanelis box, LAPVSO cardboard and commemorative sheet DualDiag Leishmaniasis in the Chronopost pouch with the Organic Material Category B and Chronopost pre-stamped labels addressed to LAPVSO